About Us

About Us

Golden Slipper Gems offerings range from recreational activities such as games and entertainment to courses that explore popular topics in depth and introduce older adults to new areas of learning and experience. Our programs and services are tailored to each of our locations to meet the specific needs of that community.


Golden Slipper inspires older adults to live independently, actively and engaged.


Golden Slipper Gems envisions a society where every older adult is honored as a valuable and treasured asset.


We were founded in 1995 as a traditional senior center located in Wynnefield Heights and although we no longer serve that location, today our reach has become far more expansive serving older adults at eight locations across the Greater Philadelphia Region. In 2018, we changed our name to Golden Slipper Gems to better reflect our growing organization.

Clubs & Charities

Golden Slipper Gems operates under the auspices of Golden Slipper Club & Charities, a time-honored, volunteer-driven organization serving people of all ages across the Delaware Valley. Programs include an overnight camp, college scholarships, an annual Passover Seder and emergency assistance.

Board of Directors


Chair of the Board
Jill Caine

Neil Haimm

Vice Presidents
Michael Simon
Merle Holman

Gail Rudnitsky, M.D.

Assistant Secretary
Marc Feller

Sheara Hollin


Term Expires 2022
Naomi Gorson
Nancy Gross
Susan Freedman

Term Expires 2023
Jacqueline Banks
Laura Haimm
Elaine Krasnick

Term Expires 2024
Deborah Golden
Brian Levine
Ira Feldman
Patty Harvitz
Sherman Leis, M.D.
Peter Kolson
Ed Caine
Diane Wender

Past Presidents

Bernard B. Brown
Roy Kardon
Leon L. Levy
Debra Rasansky
David A. Simon

Honorary Board

Morris Ballen, Joan Becker, Edwin J. Berkowitz*, David B. Byruch*, Kenneth J. Fleisher, Stephen H. Frishberg,  Milton Gardner*,  Maxwell P. Gorson*, Nancy Ford Grossman,  David B. Gordon,  Scott A. Isdaner, Betsy Klausman, William L. Landsburg, Howard C. Lapensohn, Maurice G. Maen, Michael B. Steinberg, Norman P. Zarwin*