Gems Connect: Online Learning

Gems Connect: Online Learning

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Speakers Bureau

Mondays February 22 – March 15, 11-12pm – $34

Each week we bring you an exceptional variety of topics and speakers. Our line-up of guests includes (in order of appearance): Naftali Aklum, Co-Founder Yerus Project, Ethiopian Jews Past and Present; Adena Astrowsky, Author and Speaker, A Study of the Recent Rise in Hate Crimes; Dr. Adam Gremerman, Associate Director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations, Saint Joseph’s University, The Christian Churches and Israel; Lettie Switzer, Director, Golden Slipper Gems in Bucks County, My Journey from Mormonism to Judaism.

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Moral Issues in Popular Film

Tuesdays February 23 – March 16, 11-12pm – $34

In this journey, we will discuss the moral and philosophical principles in popular films that demonstrate these principles and their application in various situations. Each film selection is coordinated with specific principles. The morality principles will reflect four historical time periods: the Classical era, the Enlightenment period, the Age of Science, and today’s (Modern/Post-Modern) world. Even a familiar film will reveal new insights when viewed from these key moral perspectives. Some films contain adult content/language.

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The History of Comedy

Tuesdays February 23 – March 16, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm – $34

This course will survey some of the major practitioners of comedy from Aristophanes to Larry David and Tina Fey. We will explore comedy as a genre (or a family of genres), as a stance and as a world-view. Some questions we will ask and attempt to answer: Is comedy subversive or conservative? Is it local or universal? What makes something or someone funny? What does comedy show us about ourselves? We will consider plays, novels, films, television, the visual arts and stand-up.

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Funny Girls - The Music of Fanny Brice & Barbara Streisand

Wednesdays February 24 – March 17, 11 – 12 pm – $34

Fania Borach, known professionally as Fanny Brice or Fannie Brice, was an American comedienne, singer, theater and film actress who made many stage, radio, and film appearances. She is known as the creator and star of the top-rated radio comedy series The Baby Snooks Show. She was one of the Ziegfeld Follies’ most famous stars. The Broadway musical Funny Girl, starring Barbra Streisand, was based on her life. In this course, we will take an in-depth look not only at Fanny Brice, but also at the powerful icon who brought her life story to the Broadway stage, Barbra Streisand.

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Political Affairs

Thursdays February 25 – March 18, 11 – 12 pm – $34

Join us as our esteemed speaker discusses politics, including current national and international topics in the news.

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Religion and the Constitution

Thursdays February 25 – March 18, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm – $34

The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits any laws respecting establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. But what constitutes “establishment of religion,” and what happens when the “free exercise” thereof impinges on the rights of others or upon established societal norms? In this course, we will discuss how the courts have wrestled with these issues.

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