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The Main Line
Programs in Memory of Joseph H. Levine

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Program Manager, Main Line

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Lifelong Learning at Golden Slipper Gems on the Main Line!

At Golden Slipper Gems on the Main Line, located at Adath Israel Synagogue in Merion, participants enjoy a robust lifelong learning program and cultural trips that naturally inspire socialization.

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Program Guide: December 2021


Hanukkah - Not What You Think it is - Zoom and In Person

Wednesday December 1, 1:30 PM – Free

Instructor: Dr. Doron Wilfand, Historian focusing on in Jewish Christian Relations, and an Israeli Tour Guide.
In this special program we will explore the changing meaning and forms of commemoration of Hanukah from its’ beginning as a Sukkot replacement in the books of the Maccabees, through the description of the miracle in the Babylonian Talmud to its’ place as the most popular Jewish holiday in North America and modern Israel.

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Movie Showing "Zero Motivation" - Zoom

Friday December 3, 11 AM – Free

Join us over Zoom for a watch party of the acclaimed comedy-drama film from 2014, Zero Motivation. Look at the Israeli army from a different point of view, not just of the heroes, but of those who are behind the scenes. The film premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival where it received two awards

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November Book Club - Zoom

Our next book club meeting is on November 24, 3 PM.  Join us for our discussion of the book ‘The Woman in the White Kimono’, by Ana Johns.

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Speakers Bureau - Zoom

Mondays November 29 – December 13, 11 AM – $26

Each week we bring you an exceptional variety of topics and speakers. Our line-up of guests includes (in order of appearance): John Immerwahr, Docent, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Not Your Usual Dead White Men: Great Women, Mexican and African-American Artists at the PMA; Louis Keene, Staff Reporter at The Forward, A History of Jewish Athletes; Ray Didinger, Radio Host, From the Bleachers to the Press Box: My Life in Philly Sports.

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The Jewish Underground Organizations, Pre State Israel - Zoom

Tuesdays November 30 – December 14, 11 AM – $26

Instructor: Gadi Ben Dov, Israeli Tour Guide

Before the establishment of the state of Israel, the Jewish community in Palestine was organized under different organizations and movements. The diversity and difference of opinions about the Ottoman and then British rule led to a dispute as to how to react and deal with these world powers with regard to Jewish immigration (Aliyah) and moving towards the creation of a Jewish State. We will discuss various organizations and groups including Nili, the Haganah, the Irgun, and Lechi.

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1950's TV: Sitcom & Comedy Sketch Hilarity! - Zoom

Tuesdays November 30 – December 14, 1:30 PM – $26

Instructor: Dave Goldstein, Comedian, Voice Over Artist, Disc Jockey

The 1950s brought an explosion of sitcoms and comedy sketch shows from Leave it to Beaver, The Honeymooners, and I Love Lucy, to The Jack Benny Program and the Red Skelton Hour. Alongside the hilarity and fun is ingenuity, innovation, and genius that paved the way for future generations of comedic television such as Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld. Comedian Dave Goldstein will show us some of the funniest scenes from these 1950s comedy shows, while giving us insight into the comedians and writers who brought them to life.

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The Viking Saga - Zoom

Wednesdays December 1, December 8, 11 AM

December 15, 1:30 PM


Instructor: Jonathan Migliori, Archaeologist, Educator and Lecturer as Resident Historian with Viking River Cruises

Who really were the Vikings? In this three-part course, we’ll follow the Norse from their origins in Scandinavia across the ocean. The Viking Age, lasting from the late eighth
 through the mid-eleventh centuries, was defined by a sudden buzz of commercial, military, and expeditionary activity coming from this region of northern Europe. We’ll examine the Vikings’ homeland and the conditions that shaped their culture, before we travel with them. You can expect to encounter the Danes who profoundly shaped the development of the English language, Swedish traders who made their fortunes on the river routes of Eastern Europe, a Scottish crusading lord who wrote love poetry, and many others.

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Political Affairs - Zoom

Thursdays December 2 – December 16, 11 AM – $26

Each week we will enjoy fresh perspectives on various political issues. Our esteemed speakers will discuss current national and international topics in the news, keeping us to date and informed. In order of appearance, we will hear from Gregg Roman, Director of the Middle East Forum; Jill Zipin, Co-founder of Democratic Jewish Outreach PA; Dr. Matt Kerbel, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at Villanova University

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Deaf in a Hearing World: A Look Into Deaf Culture, History, and Education - Zoom

Thursdays December 2 – December 16,  1:30 PM – $26

Instructor: Lettie Switzer, Director of Golden Slipper Gems in Bucks County

American Sign Language is a unique language with its own grammar, history, and story, and is not merely “English on the hands”. How did it come to be? How did it end up at the center of a national fight over how to educate deaf students? In what ways has it flourished to create unique art forms and created what is known as “Deaf culture”? Why do some who consider themselves to be part of the “Deaf World” reject the use of technologies such as cochlear implants, especially for children? In these sessions, Lettie Switzer will dive into these questions, sharing her own story of raising a deaf child as well as sharing interviews, documentary clips, and artistic performances that shed light on some of these questions, showing the amazing beauty and complexity of ASL, as well as the fight for its survival.

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Virtual Tour to the Secret Jews of Majorca Island - Zoom

December 19,  11 AM – $36

The Spanish Island of Majorca is known for its beach resorts, limestone mountains, and being home to tennis celebrity Rafa Nadal. But Majorca holds a secret, never discussed in most travel guides. During the Inquisition, the Crypto-Jews or Chuetas publicly professed Catholicism while privately adhering to Judaism. Still, hundreds of Jews were murdered and only 15 families survived.
Join guide Dani Rotstein on a special virtual tour of Majorca’s history and its lessons for all Jews today.

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December Book Club - Zoom

Our next book club meeting is on December 22, 3 PM.  Join us for our discussion of the book ‘Everybody’s Son’, by Thrity Umrigar.

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January Book Club - Zoom

Our next book club meeting is on January 19, 3 PM.  Join us for our discussion of the book ‘Peace Like a River’, by Lief Enger.

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Adath Israel

Enter the parking lot off of Old Lancaster Road and park as soon as you enter the lot. Enter the front door of the synagogue and you will be at Frankel Hall where courses are held.



When appropriate, Golden Slipper Gems will issue a credit, not a refund.


A course series generally runs between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the site and holiday schedule. Please note that each individual course is sold only on a course basis, Golden Slipper Gems does not sell individual classes. Courses are not pro-rated if you join the course late or you miss a class for any reason.


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