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The Main Line
Programs in Memory of Joseph H. Levine

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Program Manager, Main Line

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Lifelong Learning at Golden Slipper Gems on the Main Line!

At Golden Slipper Gems on the Main Line, located at Adath Israel Synagogue in Merion, participants enjoy a robust lifelong learning program and cultural trips that naturally inspire socialization.

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ARTS PACKAGE – $130, SAVE 10%!

The Arts Package includes:  Broadway Musicals, Sing us One of the Songs of Zion, Steven Spielberg and “the New Hollywood”, Eat-Pray-Love, and the Story Tellers Workshop!

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EVERYBODY HAS A STORY – DO TELL: Story Tellers Workshop

In Person! Monday June 13, 11 PM – $12

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Instructor: Sofya Tamarkin, Life Coach:  Stories have always been a way to communicate. Before people learned how to write, they would tell each other stories.  Stories are much easier to remember than simple facts. Acquire skills to share your unique experiences with the next generation. Your story matters!

BROADWAY MUSICALS: The Composers & Lyricists Who Revolutionized the Artform

Zoom! 3 Mondays June 13 – June 27, 11 AM – $27

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Instructor: Leila Joffe, American Conservatory Theater, AFTRA, SAG, Actors Equity:  In this course, we will learn about composers and lyricists who truly revolutionized the Broadway musical. We will cover shows such as Miss Saigon and Les Misérables (Claude Michel Schonberg), Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda), Dear Evan Hansen (Pesak&Paul), and Ragtime (Flaherty&Ahrens)

EAT – PRAY – LOVE: The Art of Food and Religion

Zoom! 4 Tuesdays June 7 – June 28, 11 AM – $35


Instructor: Miriam Camerini, Italian Theater Director, Author, Performer:  Why do Jews eat a triangle shaped dough on Purim? What is the importance of dates in Islam? How do Italian Catholics manage to have so many kinds of fish in their Christmas meal? These questions and more will be the focus of this course. Each week we will explore a different religious tradition and the food that is accompanied by it. The course is based on a
book Ms. Camerini published in Italy in 2019 and in Germany in 2021.


Zoom! 4 Tuesdays June 7 – June 28, 1:30 PM – $35

Click to Register for How Do You Explain India?

Instructor: Sankar Seetharama, Retired Environmental Control Industry Professional:  India, the world’s largest democracy and the second most populous nation in the world, is a study in contrasts. It is a fascinating land of cultures, languages, religions, history, and natural beauty among other things. It is developed and undeveloped, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, tolerant and intolerant, simple and confusing – all at the same time. During this course we will start by tracing Indian history to the present and discuss the diverse nature of the population, culture and country. We will conclude by discussing current day India’s successes/failures and socio-economic challenges.


In Person and Zoom! 4 Wednesdays June 8 – June 29,  10 AM – $35

Click to Register for Sing Us One of the Songs of Zion

Instructor: Liz Cochran, Professional Bassist and Organist:  Join us as we explore how historical biblical leaders (and villains!) have inspired composers’ music for the stage and the concert hall. We will consider the music of Bernstein, Prokofiev, Verdi and more!


In Person and Zoom! 4 Wednesdays June 8 – June 29,  11:15 AM – $35

Click to Register for Steven Spielberg and “The New Hollywood”

Instructor: Irv Slifkin, Professor of Journalism at Temple University:  In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a new breed of young filmmakers infiltrated Hollywood. Their fresh approach to the medium and unquestionable talent shook up the film industry’s establishment, ushering in a new age in classic cinema. This course looks at the revolution that occurred in the movie business during that period when a young Steven Spielberg
became the most successful filmmaker in history. Along with a special focus on Spielberg, other directors will be discussed including Peter Bogdanovich, Arthur Penn, and Sydney Pollack, as well as Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.


Zoom! 3 Thursdays June 16 – June 30,  10 AM – $27

Click to Register for Bitcoin

Instructor: Paul Zahner, Bitcoin Expert and Trader:  What is Bitcoin? That is a bit of a complex question that receives all types of answers, depending on whom you ask. The more important question is, “What is money?”. In this series, we will discuss the basic fundamentals of sound money, the history of
money, where money comes from, who controls it, and how new technologies like Bitcoin are transforming the world economy. This high-level overview will bring clarity to the “What is Bitcoin?” question, and allow us to dive a little deeper into what gives
it value and how you might use it, if you ever decide to dip your toe into this brave new world. Please join us for what hopes to be a very informative, practical, and useful series. This class can also be watched on Zoom from Adath Israel.

Political Affairs

In Person and Zoom! 4 Thursdays June 9 – June 30,  11:15 AM – $35

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Each week we bring you an exceptional variety of topics and speakers. Our line-up of guests includes (in order of appearance): Dr. Marjorie C. Miller, Professor Emerita of Philosophy Purchase College SUNY, North Korea – Nuclear and Tests? What Can America Do About It? Dr. Matt Kerbel, Political Science, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at Villanova University, Making Sense of the Political System (two talks).

Book Club - Zoom
  • May 31, 3 PM

Join us for our discussion of the book My Broken Language: A Memoir, by Quiara Alegria Hudes.

Register for the May Book Club  Here!

  • June 22, 3 PM

Join us for our discussion of the book Klara and the Sea, by Kazuo Ishiguro.

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Special Program - Klezmer New and Old - New Date!

Klezmer New and Old – How Today’s Klezmer Draws Upon and Renews the Past

***NEW DATE June 27th 11 AM***

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Klezmer is an instrumental music for celebrations which was once performed in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe at weddings or joyous religious celebrations. This genre of music continued in the US and is revived today with new musicians and new interpretations. Bob will present for us the scene of Klezmers today and will help us all dance and enjoy the music.
With Bob Blacksberg, Retired Lawyer and IT support professional, currently Chair of the Board of Directors of KlezKanada, as well the Vice President and incoming President of The Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia.

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Location & Directions

Adath Israel

Enter the parking lot off of Old Lancaster Road and park as soon as you enter the lot. Enter the front door of the synagogue and you will be at Frankel Hall where courses are held.



When appropriate, Golden Slipper Gems will issue a credit, not a refund.


A course series generally runs between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the site and holiday schedule. Please note that each individual course is sold only on a course basis, Golden Slipper Gems does not sell individual classes. Courses are not pro-rated if you join the course late or you miss a class for any reason.


For out of town guests you may purchase one class for $5.  Guest passes cannot be purchased in lieu of course registration.


Credit will not be given after the first day of classes except in the event of illness or injury. Written documentation from a physician or nurse-practitioner is required.